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Real Estate Captured Zillow Certified Photographer

During these very difficult times due to COVID-19 3D Home Tours have now almost become a staple in our industry.  Where social distancing is super important we want to make sure that we are offering the most services for every situation possible.  Even for those who are not local to Florida and are interested in either making Florida home or a vacation spot, 3D Home Tours allows them to view a property without leaving the comfort of their own home.

We want to always be current with things going on in the world and believe that 3D Home Tours will now become our new normal.  See some of the interesting facts about 3D Home Tours below:

  • Homes with Zillow 3D tours sold on average 10% faster and were 22% more likely to sell in 30 days or less than homes without a Zillow 3D tour!

  • Over half of Millennial home buyers wish more listings had 3D tours available when house hunting (2019 Zillow Trends Report).

  • 77% of sellers find it very important that their agent use a virtual tour to market their home (2018 Zillow Trends Report).

  • These benefits can help you win listings and find more qualified buyers on the nation’s leading real estate marketplace!


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