• Barion McQueen

Why Professional Staging Is Important to Real Estate Photography?

It’s no secret that when you’re trying to sell a property, you want to show it in the best possible light, as that will make it sell faster, and give the buyer more confidence. A good way to do that is to employ the services of a professional real estate photographer. And one of the things the photographer can help you with is staging the property before the shoot.

Tip: Bear in mind that not all photographers ‘do’ staging, and some will expressly refuse to. In that case, either look for a stage-setter, or try to do it yourself.

What exactly is professional staging?

Staging, much like the preparation of a theater stage, refers to arranging the property in such a way that it makes the buyer want to live there. This can include:

· arranging the property in such a way that the rooms look large and open;

· selecting the right furniture for the type of property;

· setting up the space to cater to a potential buyer’s specific needs (e.g. give the impression of coziness, professionalism, or whatever else is desired).

Why is staging important?

Many realtors make the mistake of assuming that taking high quality photos of the property is more than enough. It’s not.

Professional staging is important because you, the realtor, want to send a message about this property that says “You want to live here”. And to do that, you need the property to match certain desires and expectations in the client’s mind.

Staging highlights why you’d want to buy that property.

When staging a property, it’s very important to understand the process through which a potential buyer goes when selecting a listing. See, what most of us look for is potential. A client wants to be able to imagine themselves living at that property, and showing them empty (or even worse, messy) rooms simply won’t cut it.

Many development teams that are building apartment blocks and such take the time to create a model staged home, positioning the bed, couch, toilet, table, etc. This allows the buyer to visualize their living experience a whole lot better.

“I could see myself living here.”

That’s the thought we’re looking for. Let’s make a little thought experiment. Say a client has to choose between a bare property, and one professionally staged, with sofa, bed, etc. He’s already more attracted to the staged one, because…it’s got a sofa!

Sure, the sofa might not even be there (often, stagers bring in rented furniture for visual purposes), but that doesn’t matter. Because the seed has been planted inside the buyer’s mind that a sofa would look great in that particular spot.

As for the empty property? Who knows? Decorating it already seems harder than the staged property, so the buyer is likely to pass on that. Professional staging is important because real estate photography (and the real estate business, in general) is highly visual. It’s about creating a vision. And staging ensures the client gets the right vision.

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