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Houses Selling in 15 Days in South Florida

As a real estate photography company we are extremely fortunate to be busy during the times with Covid-19 and the pandemic. Where many people are still out of work we have been able to survive and continue to provide service to our clients. The South Florida real estate industry has been booming during these times.

Buyers looking to buy and sellers looking to sell. Recently I wanted to take a look at how quickly houses were selling after we provided images and videos to our clients for marketing. After speaking with some of our clients the average is about fifteen (15) days from the time photos and video are uploaded to the time they are closing. I was shocked by this number, but because of this new market we are in, houses are selling in less than two weeks.

We have also been seeing an increase in "For Sale By Owners" through our partnership with Zillow. Many FSBO's are getting top dollar on selling their home without having any experience in home selling because of this crazy market.

My thoughts are, how long will this last? The inventory is extremely low right now. What does the future hold for the next coming months. There has been alot of new development as well. Will people start renting new development and no longer buy single family homes? These are all questions that I have, but I guess we will wait and see.

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