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9 Ways Real Estate Drone Photography Can Elevate Your Listing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not let an aerial view tell the whole story? Real estate drone photography has become an increasingly popular tactic to help real estate listings stand out amongst the competition. Because typical listings feature photos taken from the perspective of a person, many unseen details are left to the buyer’s imagination. Drone photography eliminates this problem.

By incorporating aerial photos of your house, you can highlight geographical views, show off your neighborhood, or showcase the scale of your home. Read on to find out how drone photography can take your real estate listing to the next level.

1. Homes with real estate drone photography sell faster

Even though we are currently in a seller’s market, you’ll still want to market your home as best you can to get the highest possible offers. According to MLS data, homes that incorporated aerial photos in a real estate listing sold at a 68% faster rate than homes with normal photos. With this in mind, hiring a professional drone photographer to take aerial photos of your home can possibly attract the attention of more buyers, but may also increase your chances of selling your home faster.

2. Drone photography incorporates unique angles for your listing

Too often, real estate listings can be overlooked because the photos featured online are too similar to other homes in your area buyers have already seen. Adding real estate drone photography to your listing allows you to capture angles or landscapes that cannot be seen at eye-level.

Maybe you live in San Francisco, CA and your real estate listing is located on renowned Lombard Street. Highlighting the curvy, narrow angles, beautiful landscaping, and tiled-brick road from above can showcase the uniqueness of your home, and overall, it paints a better story for the buyer.

3. It can showcase your home’s unique features

If you own a large pool, championship tennis court, RV or boat garage, golf green, or just acreage with beautiful landscaping, real estate drone photography can showcase these features to potential buyers. Highlighting unique features, such as a sprawling garden or how much space a pool occupies, can bring attention to how much land is being offered with the purchase of your real estate listing as well as demonstrating the value each feature brings to your home.

4. Real estate drone photography provides a comprehensive look at the build

One of the best things about drone photography is the chance to show off the love you put into your home’s build. Maybe you’ve invested in imported tile on the roof, have solar panels installed, or had custom backing added. Real estate drone photography not only highlights these intricate features but also provides greater justification if you are listing at a higher price point.

5. It can give a unique neighborhood perspective

A primary factor buyers consider when purchasing a home is the neighborhood a house is located in. Is the home by amenities such as a clubhouse, park, or playground? How close is the home to its neighbors? Does the neighborhood have great curb appeal? Sometimes you are not just selling your home, rather a whole community. These are all aspects you can capture in your real estate listing by providing aerial photos of nearby parks or what your neighbor’s homes look like adjacent to your own.

6. Aerial photography can highlight an amazing view

If your home is located near the water, mountains, or valleys, capturing the view with real estate drone photography will help make your real estate listing stand out. For example, if you own a home with a view of Mount Rainier in Seattle, WA, you can include a photo of the mountain in the background of your house on a clear day. Having a listing that features views can show potential buyers what makes the home so special.

7. It appeals to new trends in engaging consumers

Professional real estate photos, 3D virtual walkthroughs, and now aerial photography are all becoming a new standard for real estate listings. Unique photos with interesting angles can capture audiences, and ultimately keep them engaged with your listing.

8. For luxury listings, it can make your million dollar home shine

If you plan on selling a million dollar home, there is a possibility that it can be sitting on the market for a while depending on your price point and what your housing market is like. Supplementing your real estate listing with 4K video can highlight interior and exterior details for a more immersive home touring experience. In addition, many luxury listings are located in coveted area codes. If you live in a zip code such as the famous 90210, you can highlight the neighborhood in greater detail in your listing.

9. Real estate drone photography is overall better marketing

While you can choose to go with professional real estate photography, real estate drone photography may take your listing to the next level. By incorporating drone photography, you are able to position your listing in a way that’s unique to its competitors, potentially close at a faster rate, and showcase what makes your home perfect for buyers – overall taking your real estate listing from ordinary to extraordinary.

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