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6 Ways Twilight Photography Can Make Your Real Estate Listing Shine

If you are looking to take your real estate listing to the next level, consider incorporating twilight photography to complement your professional interior and exterior photos. Twilight photos are pictures of a home that are usually captured around dusk when there are plenty of colors in the sky. They are used to showcase a property by highlighting features like pools, fire pits, views, and even sunsets. They require extensive skill, multiple flash exposures, and a little bit of editing magic to create a beautiful photo of your home.

There are many benefits to adding twilight photography to your list of real estate photos. It gives your listing a premium feel, helps it stand out against the competition, and highlights details of your home that you typically can’t see in the daytime. Most importantly, twilight photography creates a welcoming glow that entices prospective buyers to learn more about your home. So if you’re preparing to sell your house, here are 6 reasons working with a professional twilight photographer can make your real estate listing shine.

1. Twilight photography draws in prospective buyers

If you’re listing your home in a competitive housing market, you’ll want your cover photo to draw in prospective buyers and create a strong first impression. Using a twilight photo as your featured image will bring out the natural beauty of your home’s exterior, inviting buyers to explore your listing rather than scrolling to the next home on their real estate app.

2. It creates a premium feel

Bringing twilight photography into your real estate listing can make your home feel alive. Pairing natural dusk colors with the glow of outdoor recessed lights provides a high-end, premium feels that makes your home scream value and may even help justify a higher list price.

3. Twilight photography makes your real estate listing stand out against the competition

Sellers often make the mistake of forgoing twilight photography. So having unique photos will set your real estate listing apart from the competition. Many people love looking at images with glowing lights and a stunning sunset in the background – so why not take advantage of this with your real estate photos? Twilight photos are alluring and colorful and will help set your listing apart for the competition.

4. It may help your home sell quicker and for more money

According to Redfin, homes photographed professionally with DSLR cameras sold quicker and for thousands of dollars more than homes featuring amateur photos. Because online searching and browsing is a critical part of the home-buying process, it makes sense that professional photos will entice more people to visit the home.

By hiring a professional photographer to shoot your real estate photos (including twilight photography), you’re not only getting premium, professional photos, but you may be able to speed up the selling process and get more money for your home.

5. Twilight photography showcases features not seen during the daytime

Maybe you have lights installed in the pool, string lights hanging across your lawn, or a firepit. In the daytime, these lighting details aren’t captured, but during the night, these can add a glowing ambiance to your listing and paint a picture of how beautiful and lively your home looks once the sun sets.

6. For luxury properties, it can showcase unique details

Selling a luxury real estate listing can benefit greatly from twilight photography. By incorporating twilight photography into your listing, you are able to showcase many details such as lamp posts scattered throughout your yard, long-lit pathways, or landscape features such as trees or shrubs. This can make your house appear larger than it actually is. Million-dollar listings also tend to have stunning views which look even more beautiful with colors saturating the skyline. For example, if you live in Portland, OR and your home has a view of Mount Hood, capturing a twilight picture of the mountain with a sunset in the background can show why your property is a one-of-a-kind listing.

Twilight photography takes great planning to get the lighting and timing right. Working with a skilled photographer to capture the magic will not only make your real estate listing stand out above the rest but should give it an added spark to make it shine.

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